The evolution of mobile gaming: From casual to competitive

Evolution leads to innovation, and gamers like new experiences!

In this era of the hi-tech world, a non-stop expansion in every field is going on and on. But the gaming industry has shown a different growth pattern in such a short time period as tremendous change in the stats has been observed.

The core reason for this great shoot-up is mobile gaming. As far as we can see that today the smartphone is a thing that has become important even over food. People are getting extremely addicted to online gaming as almost every second person has a smartphone on which upgraded and advanced video games such as PUBG mobile, Fortnite mobile, Super Mario, Candycrush Saga, and many others can be easily accessible.

But have you ever thought about how this level of superior technology has evolved from the elementary key button mobile phone games? To know this, you need to spend a little time on this blog which talks about the evolution of mobile gaming. So let’s go for it!




Watch the progression path of mobile gaming

Do you remember the games that we used to play on the key button mobile phones? How much exciting those were to play, especially the Snake game released in 1997 on the Nokia phone! Later, many different games were released, such as Bounce, Tetris, etc., that hiked up the craze to get stuck on playing games. These games on a small screen and with the button operating mechanism made everyone highly engaged, making the players delighted. To understand much better let’s look at some popular casual mobile games, which are as follows;

  • Snake: The most demanding game in the keypad mobile phones in which a model of snake moves and grabs the food to get enlarged, avoiding engulfing self-body. The game was available on Nokia phones and gained vast traction among the crowd. Still, people remember this game and are ready to play anytime. Now you can imagine the level of madness for this game.
  • Tetris: For those who love to play sorting kinds of games must enjoy this game released in 2001 in which the arrangement of the falling blocks is a crucial task. And people enjoy placing the blocks so that they can gain points.
  • Bounce: Another fantastic game that always elevates players’ thrill and excitement to play its next level. The game was released in 2001 in the 2D platform by Nokia. In this game, a ball bouncy in nature was controlled by the player, and had to escape from the harmful enemies to qualify the level and jump into the next one.
  • Angry Bird: The game was released by Rovio Entertainment in the year of 2009 and is based on a good storyline and concept of angry birds targeting the green pigs (villains of the game). The characters inside the game were very creative and exciting to grasp players’ attention quickly.

These are some popular and thrill-fueled examples of casual mobile gaming and now its time to fall your eyes on the modernized and robust games that can be played on mobile phones, so let’s take a look at them below;

  • PUBG Mobile: Undoubtedly, this game has ruled over millions of hearts, and still, the zest of playing it remains consistent among the game lovers. The game is battle royale video game which is free-to-play and developed by LightSpeed and Quantum Studio. It is simply a mobile game version of the PC game PUBG but with the same quality of visuals and sounds.
  •  Candy Crush Saga: When the game was released in the year 2012, the fever of this Candy Crush Saga game crossed all the levels. In the game, the player needs to match the triplets of candies, jellies, and others to gain points and pass the level. The sound, graphics, storyline, and rewards in this game have keenly grabbed public attention and made everyone addicted to playing.
  • Roblox: The very creative and fascinating game in which the users can create their own environment and games as well with the help of building blocks and scripted languages. This superb creation of Roblox Corporation, released in 2006, enhanced the level of fun and skills to the top tier.
  • Pokemon Go: A game with augmented reality technology available on both Android and iOS platforms to integrate the players’ amusement to a greater extent. The game was developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. The game requires the location grant of the player to catch the creature of reality to fight with the Pokemon experiencing the player of the real-time world.

Aforesaid games are pretty enduring and engrossing that, speedily grasp gamers’ attention and compel them to stick to them for longer. With no doubts, we can easily observe how rapidly mobile gaming accelerated a steady growth from casual to competitive that seems retardless in the near future. And this will keep on growing with many more advanced and latest technologies trends. So keep your eyes on them and enjoy playing online games!




Aavega’s latest creation with evolved technologies: Cut Drop Strike

With the increase in technology, Aavega keeps itself even more advanced and comes up with some innovative creations to make our users gleeful and amused. One of our latest creations is Cut Drop Strike, which is a fun-fueled game with the genre of cutting rope to drop the ball down resulting in the falling of pins. Moreover, there is a uniqueness of props and gameplay as the game has physics-based gameplay with modern 2D game art designs used to captivate players’ attention and make them engrossed. The game is developed using the modern Unity game engine and other useful techniques, making it a perfect game to play. At its best, our this creation has achieved the Teacher Approved Badge, which is a remarkable success for us. You can easily get the game available on Google Play Store. So grab the chance to play it!


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Here comes a wrap-up of the blog with the final thoughts on the evolution of mobile gaming that due to the increase in the mania among people across the globe, maximum games are now available on mobile phones with the exact visual and sound qualities. So stay passionate about playing mobile games, and keep following us for more gaming updates!

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